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Chefs Diploma Course - Structure
We offer a 2 year full time Course with two 6 month periods of Industrial Internship.

Next Intake: June 2020

The Practical Subjects

Culinary Demonstration (396 hours)

After the demonstration lesson, each student will be required to use the notes taken and recipes to prepare the same dishes on his/her own cooking-stove unit. These lessons will include the preparations of Bakery, Pastry & Dessert dishes.


The Institute will assist students in finding in-training placement in high quality hotels and/or restaurants in Kenya (Periods of Attachment will be of 52 weeks duration) In both programs, you will sharpen your skills and make valuable industry contacts during your internship at one of more approved establishments.


A Culinary Diploma will be awarded to all students of both courses after succesful completion of the Course. A transcript giving details of Subject Grades and an overall Student Assessment will also be provided. We provice recommendation letters for those who wish to pursue further studies.

Academic Subjects:

1.Hygiene & Food Safety

2. Safety and First Aid

3. Food Knowledge

4. Kitchen Knowledge

5. Purchasing & Control

6. Computer Studies

7. Nutrition




8. Kitchen Maintenance

9. Food Legislation

10. Kitchen Administration

11. Kitchen Cost Control

12. Menu Planning

13. Menu Costing & Pricing

14. Special Culinary Project

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